TOUCAN ULTRALIGHT, 2PLUS2, by Novadyne (formerly Canaero)
              (Pete Bonell with HXJ at CPE6)                        (CANAERO DEMO at Canadian National Exhibition circa 198x)

TOUCAN designed by: "Peter Corley"


These "CENTERLINE" twins fly in Canada as basic ultralights under the CARS which permit up to a 1200 lb gross and under a 45 mph stall.
At the time of its introduction the gross weight limit was 1050 lbs.
The Toucan is a wonderful virtually unknown airplane. There are not many centerline planes period.
It was designed and developed by Peter Corley.
On another page Bob Chapman, a colleague, gives a fine description of his previous flying and work with earlier machines.
The current two flying Toucans by Canaero have differences that Wikipedia does not alude to since their data is dated. That is fine and as a history grad they are accurate, BTW that was then and this is now, where the rubber hits the tarmac. The basic difference in the two flying versions are their two Rotax 503 engines. Though each plane has several differences in length and control surfaces. Having flown both I do not see any different major performance envelope. Basically, these are twin, centerline, two place, light planes, with STOL like characteristics. They have twin booms, which give them a slight resemblace to the larger "Skymaster" Unlike some STOL planes that depend on their power to perform the Toucans climb and glide safe due to the wing design. There are always trade-offs. They are really gentle flyers. There are two other known and potentially flyable Toucans in existance, plus a third hanging in an aviation museum in Edmonton, Canada. (In many instances you will see "toucan2plus2" it is only a moniker to isolate this plane from others and their fine feathered friends on the web.)

These Toucan models by "Canaero/Novadyne" deserve more exposure. [It is now 2015 a third one is being rebuilt.]